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EchoStar 23 -SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch

EchoStar 23 -SpaceX Falcon 9 launch on FEB 28th

Falcon 9 SpaceX Echostar 23:

  • Rocket SpaceX Falcon 9 launch EchoStar 23 telecommunications satellite for EchoStar Corp.
  • EchoStar 23, based on the platform of a spare satellite program canceled CMBStar 1, will provide services direct to home television broadcasting in Brazil.
    EchoStar 23
    EchoStar 23

    About Echostar 23:

  • At the top we see a falcon Echostar-23 satellite. It broadcasts a spacecraft, built under a contract between Echostar and Space Systems / Loral signed in 2014.
  • Satellite based on the SSL-1300 bus, which was originally made for the canceled Echostar-13 satellite. Echostar-23 will be launched in order to provide additional support Echostar constellations and serve as a potential backup satellite.
  • EchoStar 23 is very flexible Ku-band satellites can provide service from any of the eight different orbital slots. Planned for launch in 2017 it is intended to provide services for 15 years or longer.


  • EchoStar 23 is very flexible conists Ku-band broadcast satellite services (BSS) to the four main satellites of reflectors and several sub-reflectors, support multiple mission profiles.
  • The initial commercial deployment of EchoStar 23 will be at 45 ° West, and satellite end of life (the EOL) Power 20 kW (kilowatt).
  • EchoStar 23 launch will now follow the launch of the cargo station may rise as soon as the end of February 23rd.
  • Third in line for SpaceX to launch site in Florida will launch SES 10 communications satellite, the mission, which will include the first re-flight of the Falcon 9 first stage of the accelerator after the recovery after the launch last year.


             EchoStar 23 will provide services direct to home television broadcasting in Brazil.

Launch date and time schedule:
• Dates: February 28, 2017
• Time: 12: 54 am
• Location: Cape Canaveral Air Force station- Launch Site LC-39A

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